The research on creativity carried out with the aim of contributing to the structure of the IDEActivity methodology and tackled with the study of the existing scientific production on related issues (such as creativity, Design Thinking, Service Design, Creative Co-design Leadership, etc.) has allowed the mapping of the fundamental phases of the creative process by identifying specific techniques and creating specific tools that can be used to stimulate the part of visualization and memorization in co-design. The creation of the first tools was the necessary step to create “proprietary products” such as the IDEActivity Toolkit, the Service Design Thinking for Educators and the Co-design in the DiDIY scenario. Tools that system and integrate different known techniques with techniques and tools created to facilitate, throughout the process, co-design activities aimed at innovation in digital technology, education and product.

Co-design in the DiDIY scenario


IDEActivity Toolkit


Service Design Thinking for Educators