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MUSAE aims to set up a Human-Centred Factory Model, based on the Design Future Art-driven (DFA) method, and integrate it into a (European) Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) network, to support companies in guiding strategic digital technology innovation and address future challenges in the food domain to improve people and planet wellbeing. MUSAE will establish a…


DIGITAL CREATIVITY The project aims to implement, apply and disseminate a human-centred design model to facilitate and strategically guide the ongoing process of digital evolution for achieving Digital Maturity through people creative enhancement, within an EU network of HEIs, SMEs and Startups, Business Incubators.  The Digital Creativity4Digital Maturity (DC4DM) model will empower Digital Creative Abilities…

Highlighted toolkit

“Co-design in the Digital DIY scenario” is a tool that enables the strategic approach to the use of digital technologies in different fields, becoming a means to activate new opportunities and innovative ideas.

It consists of three parts: the guidelines that provide instructions on why and how to use the toolkit, the map of the co-design process specific for digital, and the toolkit that contains all the tools and techniques to be used during the process activities.

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