We develop with you continuous innovation strategies necessary to maintain competitiveness in different areas such as business, society, education and research. To this end, today more than ever, there is a need for a participatory approach that also involves people’s “creative skills”.

We work in this direction.

Which activities we offer
IDEActivity offers itself in this sense to companies/organisations/entities as a point of reference to be able to break "old patterns", to enhance resources both at individual and group level, to bring freshness, richness and novelty in ideas and thought. To do this we work on three aspects: research, training and co-design.
Among our activities we support research with application development in specific fields, we work in national and international research projects, develop and experiment new tools, organize co-design and brainstorming workshops, bring out and outline needs or desires, design training courses aimed at developing new knowledge and attitudes to creativity, explore research strands with a business perspective, co-project products and services, transfer Design Thinking and co-design skills, develop Creative Lab within the realities in which we operate.
Through learning by doing, in which we support company resources in ad hoc activities, we stimulate participation in co-design experiences that increase awareness and the ability to use methods and techniques of creativity and design for innovation within the individual realities.


We deal with two types of research, one internal, which allows us to continuously develop and update our knowledge and skills, and the other external, which supports companies, public and private bodies and research centres. The Centre is, in fact, involved in a constant activity of updating, research and analysis on design, creativity and issues related to Co-Thinking, Learning by doing, Team building, thanks to which it has generated a consolidated scientific activity. Creative Design Thinking aimed at innovation of products and services through co-design sessions allows the continuous experimentation of methods for the management of creative sessions in co-design.

Thanks to this research, the multidisciplinary skills developed and available to IDEActivity lead to the realization of research that also ends with  Brevetti.

Collaborations on

Research and product/service development projects

Transfer of knowledge (methods and tools)

Pre-competitive research methods

Co-design and innovative didactics workshops

Organisation of conferences and seminars

Supervision of PhDs

Our skills

Design Research, Service Design, Strategic Design, Design Thinking and Concept Development.

Design Research: we have the knowledge and skills to transfer research into application development in specific areas, exploring new strands and new trends.

Service Design: we design in a complete and enriched way the interactions and experiences between the product or service and people.

Strategic Design: we support companies in the development of new strategies, visions and value creation, also in relation to new digital technologies of making and collaboration.

Design Thinking: we apply a structured process to generate and mature ideas. We help to structure a specific problem or design challenge, which is the beginning of any design process, so that it is accessible, understandable and usable.

Concept Development: we are able to develop product or service concepts that meet people’s real needs, are technologically feasible and respond to the market. In the design process, we focus on emotions as the key to creating meaningful product and service development experiences.

Training courses

Our paths are focused on Creative Design Thinking and develop to include all the skills necessary for the development of a radical innovation process within the realities in which we operate. Our starting point is to propose an activity based on the concept of “experiential learning” and active learning of the design process, designed to be emotionally and physically engaging.

The paths are aimed at addressing the training needs of organizations in a shared way through training packages built ad hoc. On the basis of the needs expressed, the interventions are declined according to the specificity of each individual Company/Entity. IDEActivity Center responds with a personalized proposal in terms of content, duration and methods.

Offers for Companies and Institutions

Experiential training (learning by doing) on:

Creative Thinking (methods and techniques of creativity)

Design process for innovation

Design Thinking and co-design

Team building

Workshop activities, workshops, training seminars

Repeatable co-design models

Creation of internal Creative Lab

Examples of Training Plans

Percorsi di co-progettazione

We prepare design activities in co-design aimed at generating and identifying innovative ideas and solutions for new product or service scenarios, new strategies and new processes, developed by integrating the know-how of the company/body and those of IDEActivity Center. For this reason IDEActivity Center proposes a participatory approach with active involvement in all design phases, generating situations that stimulate creativity and collective intelligence, facilitating interactions and encouraging sharing. These co-design activities make it possible to continuously innovate and remain competitive, but also to transfer a new approach to the project to the company that facilitates interaction and the exchange of information and ideas. By supporting the company and offering a service built ad hoc on real needs, IDEActivity provides different activities for specific projects with the aim of developing innovative solutions improving the internal mindset.

Among the different activities that we offer

Meta-project research (R&D support)

Project development (product, strategy, communication)

Identification of new product/service scenarios and new markets

Innovative design for new markets

Design workshop for core/new business

Open and Social innovation

Collaborative tools

Creation of internal Creative Lab

Examples of Co-design Proposals


During the educational activity, the focus is on a methodological path that leads participants to the acquisition of knowledge necessary for the project. It leads to the learning and application of techniques and methods of reading and interpretation of the product system and context of use in which they are inserted. The aim is to lead the student to take a Human Centered Design approach aimed at identifying people’s needs and creating a design focused on real needs. Through plenary lectures and seminars, we provide: all the scientific contents necessary to understand the relationship between Design, Creativity and Innovation; user need finding; notions of co-design and lateral thinking; IDEActivity methodology; tools and techniques of participatory design useful for workshop activity.

The workshop activities allow to experiment and optimise the tools provided at a theoretical level during the plenary lessons and to apply them to an ongoing project.

Academic education

Thesis and internship

Seminars and training workshops

Collaboration for cross-functional didactics

Innovative teaching tools

Cross Action

(Training + co-design path)

We propose a unique model that is mainly aimed at innovation, in which training, research and design activities are combined. Training sessions and co-design activities combine to generate continuous innovation.

Pre-competitive research methods

Repeatable co-design models

Creation of internal Creative Lab